The MentorShip Program

The MentorShip Program is hosted by a global NPO, Girls in Tech Taiwan. All the organizers are volunteers. This program is a 3-layer system containing Captains (mentors), Navigators (seniors), and Sailors (mentees). Experts in diverse fields are invited as Captains in different teams. They inspire Navigators and Sailors by experiences sharing. Navigators and Sailors can also seek guidance by bringing challenges they encounter in their daily work routine. By organizing this program, we hope to build a supportive community for women in the technology industry to shine on their career paths.


The MentorShip Program builds a supportive community for women in the technology industry to bridge their professional network.

Experiences Sharing

Experiences are the best teachers. Our experienced Captain will share their experiences and lesson learned to participants to reduce their time on trial and error on their career paths.


Participants can learn from their teammates from different industries and thus broaden their horizons and explore more possibilities.


Captains can help participants to find the directions of their career goals as well as lead them to advance their careers.




– Help the Navigators and Sailors to broaden their horizons, know more about the industry,and
guide their career development.

– hare their experience with Sailors. Help Sailors to grow in their junior years.Develop
the leadership skills and explore more possibilities by the guidance of the Captain.

– Those who want to advance their career and eager to learn from others’ experiences are
welcome to bring the challenges they face to discuss with other participants.



2022/02/18 ~ 3/27

Open to registration.

Screening & Shortlisted

The program organizer team announces the shortlisted candidates.

Opening & Interview

The shortlisted ones will be invited to the opening to attain an interview with the captain, navigators and their team teaching assistant.

Recruitment Results Announcement

Recruitment results announcement.
Those who are recruited will be invited to participate in the MentorShip Program 2021.

Montly Meetups

Please refer to following dates. The program organizer team preserves the right to change the date of monthly meetups.


 The commencement is scheduled at 10/16.

Monthly Meetups

Business: 6/11(Sat.), 7/9(Sat., 8/13(Sat.), 9/17(Sat.)

Data Application: 6/11(Sat.), 7/9(Sat.), 8/13(Sat.), 9/17(Sat.)

Engineering: 6/12(Sun.), 7/10(Sun.), 8/14(Sun.), 9/18(Sun.)

Entrepreneurship: 6/12(Sun.), 7/10(Sun.), 8/13(Sat.), 9/17(Sat.)

Martech: 6/12(Sun.), 7/10(Sun.), 8/14(Sun.), 9/18(Sun.)

Product Management: 6/12(Sun.), 7/10(Sun.), 8/14(Sun.), 9/18(Sun.)

UX: 6/11(Sat.), 7/9(Sat.), 8/14(Sun.), 9/18(Sun.)

P.S. The program organizer team preserves the right to change the date of monthly meetups.

Recruiting Target and Eligibility


The opening is scheduled at 4/10 and then from June to September, there will a monthly meetup for each month. The dates and times of the monthly meetups can be adjusted by each team. The commencement is scheduled at 10/16.

Sure! Learning from different disciplines is very important in various walks of life. Besides the opening and the commencement, we will also arrange some activities for members from different teams to mingle together. We would be glad to see you come and interact with the other participants and we wish all participants to continue their interactions during and after the program.
The Captain and the Navigators will lead the Sailors to discuss and share some work-related topics or problems which are based on the participants’ needs.
Please like our Facebook Fanpage at this moment, we will invite those who are selected for this year to join our Facebook group.
Three Navigators and 10 Sailors for each team at most.
We encourage participants to interact with each other. However, the monthly meetups are the most important activities for participants to learn from and share with their teammates. In order to ensure the quality of the monthly meetups, please apply for the team that is your top priority to attend its monthly meetups.
The MentorShip Program is hosted by Girls in Tech Taiwan which encourage and support women to develop their careers. We wish this program will create opportunities for more women in the technology industry to interact with each other, steel themselves and grow, and pay it forward to the community. Therefore, women are favored in the recruitment of Navigators and Sailors.

Yes. This program is designed for the ones who have work experience. One to three years of work experience is mandatory for applying for Sailor.

This program aims to help the participants to shorten their cost of trial and error as well as to break through the bottleneck and challenges in their career. It will be a plus if you have related working experiences. However, the answers on your registration form will be the main reference for recruitment. Thus, related working experiences or job tenure is not a requirement to apply for this program. Please read the questions on the registration form and decide according to your own situation.
  • Fee: A program fee of 2,000 NTD is required for those who are recruited. For candidates who attend the interview, please pay a venue rental fee of 300 NTD.
  • All participants need to attend the opening, commencement and the monthly meetups. If one cannot attend for some reason, please write an email to ask for leave at least 1 week before the event. If one cannot attend these activities for 2 times, the program organizer team preserves the right to terminate that member to participate the following activities and the program fee will not be refunded.
  • All participants need to agree that the program organizer team will use their photos and materials of these events as event promotion, event record, and marketing materials.
  • The program organizer team preserves the right to modify and terminate the program at any time. Any changes or detailed precautions will be published on our facebook fan page without individual notice.